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Get Involved with Bike Advocacy

Here are several ways to get involved with or support IndyCog

We will leverage every cent of your membership dollars to build a stronger bicycling community and engage in bike advocacy efforts focused on infrastructure, safety, and education in Indianapolis. The stronger our biking community, the more apparent our message and our needs as cyclists become, and the more likely they are to be met by our city.

If you're in the giving mood, member or not, INDYCOG accepts one-time donations that go directly to the cause!

INDYCOG wants you to be involved at our bicycle events to help spread our message!



Sign up for Amazon Smile and they will give a portion of your purchases to IndyCog.

Kroger Community Rewards
Login and connect IndyCog (76323) to your Kroger Plus card and Kroger will give a portion of your purchases to IndyCog.